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If your school has classroom sets of iPads or each student has been issued one, you are in the right place. John Dewey once said,
“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our kids of tomorrow.”

My name is Corey Knight and I have worked at a 1:1 iPad school for 7 years and I have seen just about everything good and bad when it comes to technology, training, and issues with iPad's in the classroom. I have taken my experience from the classroom and created this site to help you avoid those same issues I experienced.

Coaching and Consulting

I have been using iPad technology in the classroom for seven years and I have seen it all! I am an Apple Certified teacher and I want to help as many people as possible learn how to effectively use this amazing technology in their classroom.

Whether you want individualized coaching, group sessions, or keynote speaking I am willing to provide training that will properly equip teachers with the skills they need to become successful with iPad use in the classroom.

Free Courses

My free courses will provide you with the skills necessary training to ensure a solid foundation to use iPads in education effectively. These Step by step tutorials will increase your knowledge and skill set to be better prepared to engage students with technology. Start learning those skills and apply them in your classroom today!


iPad Master Course

I have taken all the guesswork out of using iPads in the classroom with my, iPad Master Course. It is conveniently packaged into 10 units with engaging tutorial style videos that will give you greater insight on how to effectively utilize iPad technology in the classroom.

Time is a valuable resource, especially in education. The content I created in this course is designed to help you work through on YOUR TIME working at your own pace to meet your classroom technology goals, while also earning Professional Development Points (PGP's).

Tips and Tricks Forum

Stay in the loop on the latest and greatest iPad tips, tricks, and advice from our members. Sharing information with one another is a powerful way to enhance our classroom engagement and boost student performance. This forum is dedicated to create a sense of community of trust and and culture of helpfulness in order to gain better insight on iPad use in the classroom.

Free Resources

One thing that I am passionate about is research, thats why I promote research methods that are proven to increase student understanding. Here at Classroom Tech Made Simple I utilize and promote Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels (DoK). Throughout my online course I use this framework and rationale for using certain programs and apps. You can download our FREE “Tech & DoK” cheat sheet to help you get started.

I also have developed concept maps that make learning more effective, called “Concept Maps Made Simple” that can be used in correlation with the apps and online tools I teach. You can download this for free and start using it in your classroom to increase reading comprehension in your classroom.

Blog Resources

As I learn new things, I love to share them with everyone and the best way to do this is through my blog. I have created various posts that will help guide, encourage, and enrich your classroom experience with iPad technology. You will find everything from video tutorial posts, app reviews, and different ideas that I have about educational technology.

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