Student Password Security

Student Password Security

Password Security in a Password frenzy culture. 

Sometimes just seeing the word, “PASSWORD” makes us go through the catalog of words, numbers, phrases, capital letters, and now special characters like #$%^$@ wait, what? I can feel my blood pressure rising, I cannot get into my account that I literally just logged into yesterday. So we hit that wonderful button, “Forgot Password?” Students are usually feeling this same password anxiety so it is important to teach student password security in order to avoid issues later on. 

Seriously, just writing that made me a little anxious, not going to lie. I have had this conversation with a lot of people about passwords and how everything requires a username and password. The internet is so intertwined with our daily our lives and has made it easy to do so much by the click of a button, if we remember our password. Our students today have lived their entire lives connected to the web. How do we teach them about password security in an age where so much of what we do online requires a username and password?

Why is it important to teach about student password security?

Think about how many different usernames and passwords you have… seriously think. Some of us may be pushing close to a hundred or even more.

This is an important topic in today’s culture regarding the growing trend in social media password sharing among our students.

The current status of technology is going to continue require login information so it is important that we teach students this now. Even though there is a movement to use fingerprint identification and facial recognition software, there are always moments when those channels of identification can fail and then we need to be able to revert back to the use of passwords, passphrases, and passcodes.

When should I start teaching about student password security?

You start them young, or start them now. Some students may not have had the chance to learn about password security from a parent or guardian. As educators we need to take that responsibility to teach password security frequently so they understand the importance of keeping  information safe and secure online.

Starting programs in the early grades is critical and continuing that education in the later grades will help increase awareness of password security. A lot of times we teach topics like student password security by doing a quick lesson  and calling it good. When in fact it is more beneficial to revisit the topic throughout the school year to make sure it is reinforced to our students. 

How do I start teaching about student password security?

There are so many different programs out there that can help you along the way to teach the critical points of student password security. Whenever you choose to use an app or online tool, you want to plan ahead and think about what is required of you as the teacher and students.

  • Does this app or online tool require a username and password?
  • Can students use their school login information?
  • Will it accept the Google username and password?
  • Check out my Technology Checklist for help in this area.

Google has recently came out with a program and game that helps students learn about password security and overall cyber security through the gamification of the topic. This program is perfect for elementary and middle school aged students.   Check out the “Be Internet Awesome” program to get started today and of course like every online tool Google provides, it is free!

Common Sense Media is a great choice for anything regarding internet use, social media use, and anything to do with students being online. They provide lessons for teachers and talking points for parents.


No matter what, we want our students and kids to be safe and create strong passwords when using apps and online tools so make sure that you are taking the time to teach this important subject.


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