Classroom Tech Made Simple Online Course: Syllabus

Welcome to my online course syllabus page! You will find the course syllabus at the bottom with each unit listed. This course truly is

"The Blueprint for Successful iPad Use in Education"

I have created simple step by step videos on how to utilize a variety of apps that can be used to take your classroom technology use to the next level. There are 10 Units within this course and various lessons within each unit. At the end of a unit you are invited to participate in the online discussion forum, take quizzes, and even upload assignments.

Your continued support helps us to continue to provide content that is relevant and capable of creating meaningful change in the way that we teach in the classroom. Feel free to provide any feedback or testimonials so that we can better serve our audience.

Thanks again,

Corey Knight


Classroom Tech Made Simple makes iPad technology integration easy and affordable!

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: iPad Tips and Tricks
Unit 2: Mind Mapping Apps
Unit 3: Google Apps for Education
Unit 4: Game Based Learning
Unit 5: YouTube in the Classroom
Unit 6: The Paperless Classroom
Unit 7: Accessible Text
Unit 8: Re-Thinking Flashcards
Unit 9: Interactive Whiteboards
Unit 10:Exit Tickets Made Simple




Course Extra's

Everything you need to become a classroom iPad Master!


Enrollment Features

In Education, time is essential and thats why this online course lets you work at your own pace, just log in watch a tutorial video and apply the concepts in your classroom. It's that simple.

  • Full access to all 10 units and over 40 tutorials
  • Email Support (if desired)
  • Initial Skype Call(contact through email for schedule)
  • Classroom Technology Evaluation
  • Private Discussion Forum Access
  • Technology Use Action Plan
  • Final Skype Call(contact through email for schedule)

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