Apps for Teachers 2018

Apps for Teachers 2018

2018 is here and it's time to start using apps and online tools in your classroom. Apps and online tools are always changing from free to paid and being bought out by other companies frustrating teachers across the world! Here is a list of Apps for Teachers 2018 edition.

Apps for Any Classroom

Google Apps for Education -   The Google Suite for Education is amazing and will help teach your students how to create, collaborate, and share any creation online.Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Classroom are among my favorite within the G Suite for Education. Google Classroom is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to create a unique learning experience providing a place to communicate and turn in work making it perfect for any teacher at any level.

Apple Classroom - Use this app to keep students attention and focus on the task at hand. Lock students into an app, direct their attention to you by locking student screens, and create a 100% attentive classroom. This app will freak out your students at first when you take over their iPad, but it will help your students stay on task and on topic.

Inspiration Maps - This is a great app for creating mind maps, concept maps, storyboards etc. The free version has some limitations, but still works great. Pre-loaded images really help students find relevant images and icons when creating maps.

Adobe Spark Apps - There are multiple apps in the Adobe Spark category, but all of them are relevant to the 21st century classroom. Students can create mini-websites from Adobe Spark Page, posts from Adobe Spark Post, and videos from Adobe Spark Video. Really cool line of apps for any classroom.

Additio - Gradebook, Attendance, Planner, and Day-to-Day organizer for teachers. The swiss army knife of teacher organization. This app will also work without Internet access making it user friendly in those areas without a connection.


Swift Playgrounds - Teach your students the language of coding. There is a push for teachers to include simple coding into the curriculum and Swift Playgrounds does this through the powerful program, Swift that lead developers use to create apps. No coding knowledge needed!

Disaster Detector -  from the developers, “The citizens of Smithsonville are in dire need of a Disaster Detector! Help Smithsonville and other cities predict and prepare for natural disasters. Use tools to make predictions and save the city from damage by helping citizens prepare properly. Are you up for the challenge?”


Newsela - An amazing app and online tool that lets teachers create different text sets from the same article for different students based on reading level or lexile score. Use quizzes built within the program to check for understanding. A great differentiation tool.

Book Creator - The app truly allows students to use their creative side in making ebooks. Add text, images, text boxes, voice overs, and more. An awesome app to bring any story to life.



BrainGenie - this online tool allows you to create a class and assign different topics that you want your students to master. Students can compete against each other and earn badges. Great for supplemental material or direct instruction.

Virtual Nerd- This app has tutorial videos on just about every concept or idea in math. This would be a great place to start if you wanted videos to flip your classroom.


Social Studies

State the States - great app to learn the states and capitals and the best part is… FREE!

Ted Ed Social Studies - If you are not familiar with Ted Ed, you should start exploring how it can fit in your curriculum. Explainer videos that are short, simple, and useful.

There you have it. The apps and online tools of 2018 that you can start using today and have a positive impact on your students.

If you want to learn how meet those technology requirements set by your administrators take a look at my course catalog on using iPad technology in the classroom.

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